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Litigation Support Services

We live and work in a highly litigious society. Whether this means lawsuits or alternative dispute resolution proceedings, there is significant financial and reputational risk at stake.

It is not enough for an expert witness to have technical knowledge, experience and expertise – conclusions must be communicated effectively using a straightforward, plain-English approach. My abilities in this area have been honed by years of making presentations globally (including to audiences for whom English was not the primary language) and in the classroom – making often-complex subjects understandable for students.

I have had significant experience providing litigation support - acting as a nontestifying consultant and expert witness, working for attorneys to provide litigation support services relating to accounting and auditing professional standards and guidance, and contributing to case strategy in such proceedings. I can act as consultant or expert witness in assessing the opposition's allegations and claims, providing an independent (and credible) perspective, and working with your attorneys in formulating case strategy.

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