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Financial and SEC Reporting; IPO Readiness

Because of the strict rules relating to scope of services under SEC and PCAOB regulations, you can no longer rely on your independent auditor to provide many of the services or advice that they were able to provide in the past. I can step into that role with little, if any, disruption to you and at the highest level of professional qualifications.

Assistance with SEC Filings and ongoing reporting

The initial public offering (IPO) process can be a long and arduous one, requiring the significant attention of your accounting and finance staff while they are also trying to perform their regular duties and responsibilities. And, experience has shown that the process can take from six months to over a year, depending on the complexity of the offering and the nature of your business.

Assessing your readiness is a key step in the process. At a minimum, you need to ask yourself the following questions, and be prepared to act based on your responses:

  • Are you familiar with SEC GAAP?
  • Are you prepared for the quarterly and annual filing deadlines?
  • Do you have the financial systems in place to permit you to prepare your SEC financial statements?
  • Are your controls rigorously designed and implemented, and operating effectively?
  • Are your controls sufficiently documented?
  • Are your CEO and CFO in the position to sign their internal control representations?

I can assist your management team in preparing for and executing (managing) a public offering, whether an IPO or secondary offering. Working with your auditors, underwriters and attorneys, I can assist in the preparation and review of your filings and assist you in responding to SEC comments. I can also assist with your periodic filings under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. In short, I can help get you ready, execute your strategy, and meet the ongoing requirements of a public company.

Assistance with financial reporting

While there are a number of “simplification” initiatives underway by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and other authoritative bodies, financial reporting remains a complex process especially when new pronouncements are issued or when you enter into new or complex transactions. 

I can assist your accounting team in analyzing the terms and implications of pronouncement(s) and/or any new transactions or contracts you are considering. Leverage my experience as audit partner and a Deloitte Deputy Professional Practice Director to reach the right and appropriate answer.

In an emergency or temporary situation, I can also act as your controller, project manager, and/or CFO on an interim basis with minimal start-up costs and time required to get up and running.

Customized Training

I have had significance experience in training and teaching - and understand the importance of content and process in effective learning. I served in a Deloitte management development program for two years learning about training methodologies, developing courses, and honing my instructing skills. With my training background (with Deloitte and as a professor), I can prepare and deliver customized training for your team in a cost-effective manner.

My training courses are suitable for a variety of experience levels, from senior executive to junior accountant, and I can work with you to develop a training program that is customized to meet your needs - from covering basic concepts in accounting to the latest professional developments.

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