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Herbert M. Chain, MBA, CPA

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Integrity, experience and trust. These traits define professionalism - and are the foundation of client service. And ... they are what stakeholders expect from their service providers. These traits have characterized my entire 40-year professional career. I am now available to bring my experience, knowledge and client-centric service attitude to serving you.

Expertise and experience - I don’t think you should ever seek help from someone who has never successfully done what it is that you want to do. There is simply no substitute for successful experience. When you face a challenge, you want someone who has been there before, found a solution and achieved successful outcomes. “Been there, done that” is an important consideration. Utilizing my decades of successful experience allows you to get the exact fit you need to solve a problem or take advantage of any given opportunity.

Flexibility … on Demand - Why hire additional staff for one single problem or task? Often, you need help on a temporary basis to address an immediate or intermittent need or solve a problem. Once the crisis is over, the staff becomes unnecessary overhead.

Objectivity and independence - Sometimes you just need a fresh point of view, from someone without a stake in preserving the status quo. I can provide that objective view of the issues and help you find solutions you may have overlooked.

Specializing in business consulting, including financial reporting and IPO readiness, internal controls consulting, enterprise risk management, board governance, litigation support and financial due diligence.

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